Water hose (garden hose) is the multifunction rubber tube usually used in agriculture and gardening. Mainly used for water supplying, it is manufactured of food grade rubber and  absolutely safe for health. Allowed to husbandry farms for livestock watering and washing animals.

We can manufacture two types of rubber hoses: “Standard” and “Luxe”. For the “Luxe” type we apply special EDPM sort of rubber. It makes usage period of this hoses 3 times longer than “Standard” type.
Specifications "Standard" "Luxe"
Internal diameter 16, 18, 20 mm
Package 12 meters coil
15 meters coil
20 meters coil
30 meters coil
Rubber wall thickness 3 mm
Surface glossy
Usage period 3 years 10 years
1 meter weight (for the hose with internal diameter 18 mm) 340 ± 15 gr 250 ± 15 gr
Temperature -30 to +70 C
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