Frequently asked questions

Does management quality system of Ural Elastomeric Seals Plant (UZEU)  appropriate to ISO-9001 standard? 

UZEU quality management service successfully passed appropriation certification to ГОСТ Р and ISO-9001-2008 in 2011. All the plant`s production appropriate to all standarts and quality demands of rubber products.  

In what terms order will manufactured?

Plant's significant advantage is efficiency of manufacturing rubber goods. Terms of introduction new products in production are depended from complexity. It is usually from 10 to 20 days long.

Is it possible to change rubber's structure in favour of more economical?

Depend of clients requests UZEU technologies can change ruber mix structure as in favour of quality as in favour of price decrising. For example. If exploitation conditions demand higher technical characteristics, formulation of mixtures with additional parameters (high heat resistance or frost resistance, resistance to interaction with various aggressive media, etc.) will be elaborated.

If demands to raw materials lower than it prescribed in ruber mixes standarts, some components of row materials can be changed to more economical one. It gives an opportunity to reduce goods price. 

Is it possible to produce nonstandard rubber products?

Besides standard rubber products UZEU produces non standard rubber products which appropriate to designs and drawings provided by client. Experienced specialists assort and elaborate rubber mix composition according to client's wishes. They also design snap-in and issue all the necessary construction and technological documentation. All sorts of UZEU products (including nonstandard) have a certificate of compliance and quality certificate. 

How much delivery to transport company costs?

Important moment in UZEU's logistic system is all the orders of any volume are delivered to any transport company free. 

UZEU clients also have additional discount (from 7 to 18%) in transport companies if they are UZEU's partners.

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