Bank and registration details

Form of incorporation Closed Joint Stock Company
Full name of the company Ural Elastomeric Steals Plant
Short name of the company UESP
Full name of the general manager Pilnikov Denis
Full name of the chief accountant Gorbatyuk Tatyana
Legal address 623080, Russia, Mihaylovsk, Kirova st., 2
Рostal address 620087, Russia, Yekaterinburg, Blagodatskaya st., 76
Taxpayer ID 6670078772
Industrial Enterprise Classification Code 664601001
Сurrent account 40702810816110000107
Corresponding account 30101810500000000674
Bank name JSC Ural bank of Sberbank of Russia, Yekaterinburg
BIC 046577674
Principal State Registration Number 1056603502669
State registry of enterprises and organizations 76503135
National Classification of Economic Activities 25.11, 25.13, 29.22.9,37.10, 50.30, 51.38, 51.52, 63.40, 74.40, 74.84
National Classification of administrative and territorial division 65228504000
National Classification of municipalities 65701000
National Classification of legal forms 67
National Classification of state power and control 49013
National Classification of ownership 16
Phone / fax (343) 379-98-76
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